Lenovo G570 review, guide and deals

G570 Overview

Lenovo G570The Lenovo G570 is a 15.6-inch budget laptop from Lenovo’s ‘essential’ line and is a laptop which focuses solely on practicality instead of design or additional features. The G570 is available with a range of processors including Intel Dual-Core, Core i3 and Core i5 options. The display has a resolution of 1366x768 pixels and runs on an Intel HD 4000 integrated GPU. RAM options include 2GB-8GB modules and 320-750GB hard drives are also available. There is an integrated 2MP camera on-board and the port selection includes HDMI along with a media card reader. The G570 is among the cheapest laptops from Lenovo and comes only in dark brown or black colour options. There is also a DVD drive which can be upgraded to read Blu-ray disks as well.

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G570 review

The budget roots of the G570 are immediately obvious after a single look at the laptop. The plain, monotone design is very conservative and immediately makes it clear that this laptop was only made for getting work done. The display of the G570 was an average one with narrow viewing angles but good colours. The resolution was a bit low for our liking but it is what most of its competitors also offer. The speakers were okay on the loudness part but their sound was quite poor. The build quality however was quite better than expected and is one area where the G570 outclasses its competitors like the Acer Aspire 5733 and the HP Pavilion G6. There is very little flex when the palm rest is pressed hard, which is a good thing. The keyboard is also another area where the G570 is very strong. The keyboard is derived from more expensive Lenovo Ideapad models and features curved keys in an island layout which helps typing a lot and typists on a budget should strongly consider the G570 solely for this property. The track pad is also very good with tactile mouse buttons which work well. The performance of the G570 was very good for models with Core i3 or Core i5 processors but models with Intel Dual-Core processors offered passable performance. The HD 3000 graphics help in most everyday tasks but do not offer good gaming potential. There is an upgrade available to an AMD 6370 module but that GPU is also not very powerful itself. The main attraction of the G570 is its rock-bottom pricing. The low-end models with Intel Dual-Core processors are extremely cheap and are only slightly more expensive than most netbooks which makes them extremely appealing. Also, the higher-end models also offer quite a lot of value as Core i5 models of the G570 may in some cases be cheaper than the Core i3 models of competing laptops from other brands. As the build quality of the G570 is also excellent, this makes it one of the best budget laptops currently on the market. Those people who are not interested in flashy laptops and only want them for utility and at budget prices should give a serious consideration to the Lenovo G570.

The Good
The Bad
  • Great value for money
  • Excellent keyboard
  • Good build quality
  • Several configuration options
  • Poor speakers
  • Bland design
  • Display has narrow viewing angles
  • Casing is fingerprint prone

G570 Main features:

  • 15.6-inch display with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels
  • Intel Dual-Core, Core i3 and Core i5 processors available
  • 320GB to 720GB Hard Disks available
  • 2GB – 8GB RAM
  • 2MP webcam
  • Graphics: Intel HD 3000 /  AMD Radeon 6370
  • DVD / Blu-ray drive
  • 4 USB ports with HDMI and VGA
  • Weight: 4.85 pounds


Other Laptops to consider

  • Acer Aspire 5733
  • Samsung RV series
  • HP Pavilion G6

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